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Ceramic Tile Installation

Ceramic Tile Installation, Damascus, VA Wall and floor ceramic tile installations are specialized tasks. It takes skill, knowledge, experience, and proper prep to install ceramic tiles well. The tiles must be aligned correctly, be stable, and set well in the mortar. At Kitchen & Bath Solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with the best ceramic tile installation services.

In most cases, these installations are part of bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects, and we are skilled enough to handle these. We work with you, making sure that your tiled walls and floors are superb in every way. Our company serves clients in and around Damascus, and we have built a solid base here.

The Ceramic Tile Installation Process

We offer comprehensive bath and kitchen design and planning services, and our team follows a precise work process, which includes:

  • Assessment and Estimate – Before proceeding with the project, we understand its scope. Our team will visit your home to assess the floor’s condition. Sometimes, repairs are required before new tile installation. Our experts inspect the floors and walls where you need ceramic tiles installed and have detailed discussions with you. This approach helps them understand your preference before providing a quote.

  • Tile Selection – It can be tricky to select the appropriate tile products and designs. Floor installation projects are slightly disruptive and involve a significant investment and making suitable material choices is vital. Our experts are here to help in ceramic tile selection recommending products that align with your home’s aesthetic.

    There are specific types of tiles for walls and floors. The floor tiles are thicker and bigger, while wall tiles are considerably thinner and smaller. While ensuring that you get the best tile designs and patterns for your kitchen or bathroom, they also keep your budget in view.

  • Surface Prep - Prepping the surfaces for ceramic tile installation is the next step. These tiles are resilient and hardy once you install them. However, they need a proper base to keep them that way. If the substrate isn’t leveled well, it can leave hollow spaces under the tiles, causing them to crack at those points. We prep the surfaces perfectly before ceramic tile installation.

  • Tile Installation – This part of the project is complex and requires attention to detail. Every tile must be installed correctly and have proper alignment. We understand this and have skilled and seasoned ceramic tile installers on our team who handle this job skillfully. Once the tiles are set well, they will also fill the grout in the tile joints and finish the floor. This process gives the floor a seamless appearance, making the surface waterproof as well.

High-Grade Ceramic Tile Installations

We have extensive experience installing all types of ceramic tiles and can help with your project, regardless of how big or small it is. We procure the best quality tiles so that you have elegant and sophisticated tiled surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms.

For more details about how we at Kitchen & Bath Solutions can help with the best ceramic tile installations, call us at 276-492-9353. We serve clients throughout Johnson City, TN, Kingsport, TN, Bristol, TN, Mountain City, TN, Damascus, VA, Abingdon, VA and offer customized services at competitive pricing.

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