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Specialty Lighting

Specialty Lighting, Damascus, VA Kitchen and bathroom spaces are primarily utilitarian. However, most homeowners want these rooms to be as well-designed and aesthetically appealing as the other spaces in their homes, and it's where our specialty lighting solutions come in. At Kitchen & Bath Solutions, we provide the best custom lighting design and installation services based on our clients' requirements.

We are the kitchen and bath remodeling experts that have the creativity, skills, knowledge, and resources to design and plan the perfect spaces for your home. Whether you need a kitchen countertop installed or want your bathroom re-tiled, we can help. Most of our clients hire us for complete bathroom and kitchen remodeling or upgrades, and lighting is a big part of these projects.

Specialty Lighting Solutions

Regardless of how attractive and well-finished all the other features are, the space will only look dull and lackluster without the correct type of lighting. We know from experience that a combination of light fittings and layered lighting helps create a comfortable and welcoming, perfectly illuminated space where you and your family can prepare meals, cook, and eat together.

Our expert designers are skilled in their job and understand the technicalities involved in planning specialty lighting installations. When we handle this task, our team goes about it very systematically and follows this process:

  • Our experts will visit your home and have a detailed discussion with you to understand your needs.
  • If you are planning to remodel or renovate your kitchen, they will ensure that the lighting plans and installation schedules fit in perfectly with the other tasks we will be handling.
  • We always provide a mix-and-match of task and ambient lighting so that your kitchen or bathrooms are functional and look attractive. Task lights like spotlights and pendant lights are best suited to illuminate work surfaces and food prep surfaces, while recessed or track lighting is best for lighting up the entire room.
  • We also recommend using under-cabinet or under-countertop lighting, which is a great way to highlight the finishes and colors you have used in that space.
  • While planning bathroom lighting, we pay special attention to illuminating the mirror areas and ensure that all the other spots have the right amount of light.
  • When creating specialty lighting plans, our experts also consider the level of natural light that filters from windows and skylights (if any) in that space.

Top-Notch Residential Lighting Services

We always use the best-grade lighting products and fixtures so you can be sure they last longer and require minimal replacement or maintenance. Our company offers the perfect balance of quality and cost-effectiveness, so you get value for money every time you hire us. Since we provide comprehensive bath and kitchen remodeling services, you have the convenience of dealing with a single company for tasks such as tiling, plumbing, lighting, countertop installation, and more.

For more details about how we at Kitchen & Bath Solutions can help with the best Specialty Lighting, call us at 276-492-9353. We serve clients throughout Johnson City, TN, Kingsport, TN, Bristol, TN, Mountain City, TN, Damascus, VA, Abingdon, VA and offer customized services at competitive pricing.

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